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Got It From My Mama

Ayesha Sabina is one of the most reputable names in the makeup industry serving great quality products for the last 5 years. Initially Ayesha Sabina introduce 7 pairs/styles of eyelashes then they introduce more styles and now they have so many different styles for different eye shapes, occasions, looks, functions, and parties.
From the premium / Classic series of Ayesha Sabina, my personal favorite is GOT IT FROM MY MAMA. These are the best eyelashes for beginners, Professionals, and everyone who whats to look beautiful. Beginners can apply in 1st attempt as they don't need anyone who can apply their eyelashes on their eyes. As they are lightweight and easy to apply, these are the perfect ones beginners may grab.

GOT IT FROM MY MAMA doesn't give too heavy look nor too light look these are perfect for the ones who want a medium look not too light these eyelashes look like an eyelash extension with wispier from both inner and outer corners and center strokes.
These Ayesha Sabina lashes are carefully handmade with 100% cruelty-free luxuriously soft mink that feels feather-light in the eyelid - long-lasting and durable, and can be reused up to 25-30 times with proper care - the flexible cotton band allows for a quick and easy application. 
The length of these Ayesha Sabina lashes is 15-16mm. Its unique shape beautifully highlights the eye. they make a perfect complement to make-up but also can substitute it - Then, When Somebody  asks you got this hypotisim to look from say #Gotitfrommymama 
These are the best eyelashes in Pakistan Must say. The price of these eyelashes in Pakistan is rs 1850 which is equivalent to 7.4 US dollars, which is quite economical compared to other brands.
Physically, in stores, these lashes are available at Vicky's cosmetics, and Health Mart and online these lashes are available at Bagallery, H&B Store, Labeaute, Just4Girls, and many other online stores.
These Ayesha Sabina eyelashes are cruelty-free, vegan, not tested on animals, and reusable up (to 25 - 30 Times) if taken proper care of to give you the best modern look. Lashes are easy to apply thin bands with fluttery patterns. 
If you search Eyelashes in Pakistan, Best Eyelashes in Pakistan, Best economical Prices Eyelashes, Online Eyelash store in Pakistan, Mink Eyelashes in Pakistan Go for Ayesha Sabina Eyelash in the style GOT IT FROM MY MAMA.