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Day Girl


Looking for a way to make your eyes stand out? Ayesha Sabina Day girl Eyelash is perfect for you! This Day Girl Ayesha Sabina eyelash is made with a love for hooded and small eyes, giving you a natural soft volume and a little whispy look. Whether you're going for a natural look or want to add some spice to your eye makeup, our Day girl Eyelash is sure to make a statement.

Looking for a way to inject a little bit of drama into your everyday beauty routine? Look no further than Day Girl Eyelash! Ayesha Sabina's zero-volume eyelash series is perfect for those who want a natural, soft volume and a little whispy look. Plus, they’re handmade with love for hooded and small eyes, giving you that extra special something. So go ahead and give Day Girl Eyelash a try, you won’t be disappointed!


Ayesha Sabina Natural glam comes with minimal effort in this ultra-wispy round lash. Multiple layers of luxurious mink fibers are hand placed onto a 100% cotton band to add a subtle enhancement of length and volume.  “Day Girl”, Is the ultimate compliment to your “no makeup” makeup looks.

Complementary to Round, Hooded, Upturned, Almond & all Eye Shapes 

Round, Ultra-wispy, Lite Volume Lash 

High-Quality Mink?, 13mm

Natural Volume & Length 

Handcrafted, Easy to Apply, 100% Cotton Band

Up to 30+ Wears with Proper Care 

100% Vegan