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The Ayesha Sabina 3D Eyelash style fabulash is specially made for all types of eyes that enhance your eye looks and made your eyes fuller and whisper. recommended for all eye shapes.

Channel your inner movie star with Fabulash, Ayesha Sabina's dramatic 3D mink lashes designed to add the perfect amount of length and volume without looking overdone. Fluttery, super-fine mink hairs add length to the center of the eye for a bright, wide-eyed look to make your eyes pop. These full-body, round lashes add a touch of bridal glam and are reusable for up to 30+ wears.

3D Mink

Reusable up to 30+ Wears

Round shape

Medium volume

16 mm

Best for Large Eyes, Round Eyes and Small Eyes

Wishing you everything good that life has to offer! The Ayesha Sabina style Fabulash is welcomed for every occasion and looks great on all eye shapes. It's not a true flare or true round shape but more of a natural style to mimic your real lashes with an added boost of volume. Accept the goodness and bountiful blessings around you while wearing this lash!