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Got It From My Mamma


The Ayesha Sabina style got it from my mamma eyelash is one of the hottest favorite style from our entire collection that gives a perfect voluminous look for any special occasion. Perfect for brides and bride maids. gives you the perfect fluttery, whisper look, suitable for all eyeshapes.


Create a gorgeous lifted effect with #Gotitfrommymamma a lightweight,  Ayesha Sabina everyday lash designed to compliment monolid eyes, small eyes, large eyes, and round eyes. Silky smooth layers of wispy, fluttery vegan lashes create a subtle lift to add natural volume and a hint of glam whether you wear them all day or all night. #Gotitfrommymamma is a comfortable, long-wear mink lash that can be dressed up for a sexy glam or dressed down for a hint of natural volume that flares up and out to brighten the eye area.

Perfect for brides and bridesmaids.

Wishing you everything good that life has to offer! The Ayesha Sabina style Got it from my mamma is welcomed for every occasion and looks great on all eye shapes. It's not a true flare or true round shape but more of a natural style to mimic your real lashes with an added boost of volume. Accept the goodness and bountiful blessings around you while wearing this lash!

Ayesha Sabina Classic Collection is our most eco-conscious collection to date!